Other Activities


Khanondo Safari and Tours absolutely delights in organising activities that you need to experience when in Victoria Falls. From a guided tour of the rainforest, adrenalin activities and nature walks, take a look at the different adventures that we can make happen for you from pick up to the endeavour and safely back to your accommodation.

Guided tour of the falls

Walking through the calming rainforest is inexplicable. It is a personal experience connecting one to our beautiful gem, The Mighty Victoria Falls. Having one of our guides accompany you and travel the path with you only adds to the richness. Our guides know the facts, histories, and myths associated with the world’s wonder. The guides provide a peak into the tales behind the proverbial curtain of the falls, and we marvel at being a part of this honour.

Lion and Safari adventure

Having enjoyed the breeze and rain of the falls, the lion and safari adventure is one unique adrenalin-packed morning or afternoon, depending on your preferred pick-up time. Stand your ground while you watch a pack of lions charge towards you to devour their food. You will be in a fenced underground tunnel for your protection and eye-level viewing of such a spectacle.

You will also enjoy a guaranteed mini-game drive into a pride where the lions interact with you from the protection of a game drive vehicle. The hyenas and ostriches delight those who enjoy physical bonding with the wild, while the falcon takes pride in gracefully entertaining you.

Elephant Rides

After such a protected lion safari experience, enjoy an elephant ride while creating memories which include marriage proposals where the elephant hands over the ring to your significant other. The crisp air that cuts across the African bushes as you soar, resting on the mighty elephant, is an experience like no other.

Walking with Lions & Cheetahs

Walking with the white lions is but a rare experience. The playful cubs are always in a mood to remind you just how satisfying and carefree life should sometimes be, as we sometimes get lost in the routine of adulthood.

The cheetah awaits your cuddles, laughter and smiles as you may be lucky enough to get a playful lick from one of them. Always be ready to take a jog, as they can decide to take you on one as you hold on to the leash!

Adrenalin in The Wild

Once you have experienced the different facets of nature, consider living life on the edge through adrenalin in the wild! We make this possible through helicopter rides; bungee jumps, gorge swings, gorge slides, white water rafting, and zip-lining. Such adrenalin in the wild makes for tales others might not believe, and you must let the photos speak for themselves!

Boma Drum Show

The Boma Dinner and Drum Show is a unique traditional African experience packaged in dance, song, art, and fashion. Besides the smoked meat, traditional beverages and mopane worms, beating your drum to make unique melodies together as diners, are one of the many highlights of the evening.