Travel tips to Victoria Falls

18 February 2023

You are probably reading this because it has always been a dream to visit the enchanted land of Victoria Falls! Better yet, you are already in the planning stages of experiencing the surreal land. Well, you have come to the right place because this land of ours is surreal and packed with adventure. From being up and close to wild animals, adrenalin-filled adventures, serenity and unique cultural experiences, Victoria Falls provides experiences otherwise not familiar in daily routines. Here are a few travel tips to help you make the most of your stay in a National Park like ours

1. Pack Light

Image of packed items for traveling

What we mean by packing light is packing light clothes. These include shorts, sleeveless shirts, and dresses. The sun is your daily companion, and seeing that you will spend most of your time outdoors than you will indoors, the lighter your clothing, the more comfortable you will be. You can also pack sunhats, sun-screen and shades with your light wardrobe for extra comfort.

Depending on the season you visit, there may be light rain in Victoria Falls and, in some cases, heavy rains (December- March). It hardly rains throughout the day, so activities and adventures continue when the skies clear.

2. Pack walking shoes

Stock image of person wearing red shoes

A national park’s structure, like Victoria Falls, is one such that you will do quite a bit of walking. The best way to soak in all the park offers is by foot. From going from one curio store to the other, dancing with the traditional dancers, exploring different roads which have a treat for everyone, your feet need the comfort of a soft sole, not to forget that you will get hot as the day goes by.

3. Have your camera handy

Image of a camera

Your camera will be your handy friend throughout your stay when in Victoria Falls. Nowadays, the picture quality of phones is just as impressive as cameras. You may encounter animals such as warthogs, baboons certainly in Victoria Falls, mongooses, colourful birds and even peacocks; as you stroll down the roads. Make sure to maintain a safe distance between you and the animals, and enjoy the show

4. Prepare Your Palate

Image containing food in a plate

The array of food and beverage flavours in our land means your palate has to be ready for the experience. From smoked game meat such as crocodile and kudu, fresh vegetables and fruits, traditional beverages and seafood, there is a treat for every palate!

We Await Your Visit!

As Khanondo, we always look forward to having you in our care. From your transport to guided tours of the rainforest to game drives, sunset cruises and buffet meals, we live for your authentic experiences with us in Victoria Falls. We are just a click away from creating memories with you here in Victoria Falls.