A khanondo Game Drive

16 March 2023

Nyasha Piloto

In most cases, a game drive is rated by the different animals that may have been spotted during the sighting. However, the beauty of a game drive is the uncertainty of what you may or may not spot. In Victoria Falls, the weather is one major influencer when spotting the animals during a sighting.

For instance, the King of the Jungle, the lion, may be hiding within the thick bushes in dire need of shade during the peak high temperatures. Then, the King comes alive at night and can be spotted on the roads of Victoria Falls.

With Khanondo, regardless of what you may spot or not, the drive is a memorable one because of factors beyond the animals, and let’s take a look at why;

1. Personalised Attention From The Guides

The Khanondo guides are trained to add a personalised touch to their service. They can make you feel as if you are the only guest in the game vehicle, yet there are others that you will be enjoying the drive with. The guides intently listen to your requests and preferences, ensuring you are catered to the best of their ability.

2. Ability To Read The Room

The Khanondo guides are gifted at reading the room – meaning they can pick up on your personality and relate with you accordingly throughout the entire drive. Before the drive, they enjoy a casual chat where they try to learn more about you beyond your name and reference your traits as they come across animals. For instance, during one of the drives, the guide picked up on how I am a warm and caring person; and whenever we saw elephants, he would point them out to me as ‘There is your tribe!’ because these are some of the traits and characteristics of elephants.

3. The Fun Within The Vehicle

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On any game drive, the guide sets the pace within the vehicle. The way that the guides encourage conversation within the vehicle, to the point where they will pull over to spark a conversation as we search for animals, is such that friendships are formed during the drive. I met a lady with whom we could not stop talking and now have a friendship; simply because of the three hours the guide encouraged us to be comfortable with each other.

We both believe that the Zambezi water is magical, and when the guide heard us talk about this, he parked the vehicle by the Zambezi water shore and took out a bottle each for us to take some of the magical water. If that is not personalised service, I do not know what is. If you come together on the drive, you leave even tighter than you had gone on.

4. The Dedication

During the 3-hour game drive, the guide is dedicated to finding as many animals as he can. He would have made a mental note of the different animals that may be on your to-see wish list. Through experience, the guides can follow trails on a hunch and may find elephants, giraffes, buffalos, kudu, elands, and warthogs. Although all are never guaranteed sighting, a Khanondo Game Drive’s signature is outstanding.

We Look Forward To Having You On Board!

I sure wish you to experience the bliss I do when on a Khanondo Game Drive. The laughter, the adrenalin, and anxiety, all wrapped in togetherness, are a unique experience under the African Sun. Now, book and join in on the authenticity in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe!

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