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18 February 2023

Travel tips to Victoria Falls

You are probably reading this because it has always been a dream to visit the enchanted land of Victoria Falls! Better yet, you are already in the planning stages of experiencing the surreal land. Well, you have come to the right place because this land of ours is surreal and packed with adventure.

23 February 2023

Why Is The Victoria Falls So Famous?

Being the seventh natural wonder of the world, The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is famous for several gems that flow through its majestic waterfall. It is indeed one of the places on earth worth listing as a must-see and must-experience as it provides an intangible once-in-a-lifetime enchanting experience.

16 March 2023

A Khanondo Game Drive

In most cases, a game drive is rated by the different animals that may have been spotted during the sighting. However, the beauty of a game drive is the uncertainty of what you may or may not spot. In Victoria Falls, the weather is one major influencer when spotting the animals during a sighting.